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«Meghalaya, a song that is an absolute blistering force of nature, thick gravelled vocals roaring and barking over a backdrop of fierce percussion, bone rattling bass and crunching riffage that culminates in a thunderous finale, a real barnstormer in an album full of barnstormers.»
✧✦ Desert Psychlist ✦✧

«Gaia is one of the most epic songs I heard since a couple of years… trippy, heavy with mighty guitars, harsh breaks and dynamics and an ongoing tension between the light floating and the heavy parts. […] Excellent record, excellently produced and an appetizer for future gigs.»
✧✦ Heavystoned ✦✧

«Beautifully done, just listen to the fifth track Darvaza to hear a perfect example of this. […] Dryad displays a multitude of possibilities, and there’s always something very willful and headstrong about the choices made.»
✧✦ Stoner Hive ✦✧

«‘You wanna know, you want it now. Don‘t hesitate, just keep the flow.’ Ein besseres Credo kann sich eine Band gar nicht vor die Stiefel spucken.»
✧✦ Underdog Fanzine ✦✧


The heavy stoner rock trio DRYAD from Würzburg was founded in 2016. The band’s name
is inspired by the legendary forest nymphs (dryads) of Greek mythology – a fusion of man
and nature. In the spirit of this close embrace, guitarist Alex, drummer Sebastian and
singer/bassist Michael combine their musical skills with thoughtful lyrics and create a
mystical atmosphere characterized by the influences of Kyuss, Elder, Black Sabbath, and
MC5. Brutal stoner riffs are firmly interwoven with delicate melodies, psychedelic sounds
invite you into dark worlds and human-critical stories challenge you to reflect.

At the beginning of March 2023, DRYAD released their debut album Y on all major music
platforms and the ten songs quickly achieved a high-caliber response from the audience,
which did not even stop at a placement in the doom charts.

Past Shows

– 04.05.2024 –
Immerhin Würzburg w/ Earth Ship (Ger)

– 15.12.2023 –
Immerhin Würzburg (Ger) W/ RITVS

– 18.11.2023 –
Hexenhaus Ulm (GER) w/ Motorowl & Ritvs

– 04.11.2023 –
Club w71 Weikersheim (GER) w/ Holz

– 13.10.2023 –
Tabakfabrik Passau (Ger) W/ Bees made honey in the vein tree

– 29.04.2023 –
Stonerrock Invasion INdoor Festival Paderborn (Ger)

– 04.02.2023 –
Alte Färberei Kassel (GER) w/ RØDel

– 10.12.2022 –
Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg (GER) w/ Vvlva

– 03.12.2022 –
Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ Vvlva

– 31.07.2022 –
Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ Samavayo

– 30.07.2022 –
Helter Skelter Festival (GER) w/ Mars Red Sky

– 22.07.2022 –
Umsonst & Draußen Festival Karlstadt (GER)

– 27.05.2022 –
Open Maiberg Air Festival (GER)

– 06.05.2022 –
Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ Vvlva

– 13.08.2021 –
Gemeinsam Einsam Fest Dornheim Würzburg (ger)

– 21.12.2019 –
Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ VUG

– 28.06.2019 –
Sound of Summer Festival (Ger)

– 03.08.2018 –
20 Jahre Hütte Obersfeld (GER) w/ Malm

– 07.04.2018 –
Haas Säle Bamberg (Ger)

– 31.03.2018 –
Krach am Hang Festival (GER)

– 21.07.2017 –
Umsonst & Draußen Festival Karlstadt (GER)

– 17.06.2017 –
Umsonst & Draußen Festival Würzburg (GER)

– 11.06.2017 –
Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ Yawning man

– 10.06.2017 –
Hütte Obersfeld (GER) w/ Hellbound

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