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«Meghalaya, a song that is an absolute blistering force of nature, thick gravelled vocals roaring and barking over a backdrop of fierce percussion, bone rattling bass and crunching riffage that culminates in a thunderous finale, a real barnstormer in an album full of barnstormers.»
✧✦ Desert Psychlist ✦✧

«Gaia is one of the most epic songs I heard since a couple of years… trippy, heavy with mighty guitars, harsh breaks and dynamics and an ongoing tension between the light floating and the heavy parts. […] Excellent record, excellently produced and an appetizer for future gigs.»
✧✦ Heavystoned ✦✧

«Beautifully done, just listen to the fifth track Darvaza to hear a perfect example of this. […] Dryad displays a multitude of possibilities, and there’s always something very willful and headstrong about the choices made.»
✧✦ Stoner Hive ✦✧

«‘You wanna know, you want it now. Don‘t hesitate, just keep the flow.’ Ein besseres Credo kann sich eine Band gar nicht vor die Stiefel spucken.»
✧✦ Underdog Fanzine ✦✧

Upcoming Shows

– 13.10.2023 –
Tabakfabrik Passau (Ger) W/ Bees made honey in the vein tree

– 04.11.2023 –
Club w71 Weikersheim (GER) w/ Holz

– 15.12.2023 –
Immerhin Würzburg (Ger) W/ VVLVA

Past Shows

– 29.04.2023 –
Stonerrock Invasion INdoor Festival Paderborn (Ger)

– 04.02.2023 –
Alte Färberei Kassel (GER) w/ RØDel

– 10.12.2022 –
Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg (GER) w/ Vvlva

– 03.12.2022 –
Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ Vvlva

– 31.07.2022 –

Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ Samavayo

– 30.07.2022 –
Helter Skelter Festival (GER) w/ Mars Red Sky

– 22.07.2022 –
Umsonst & Draußen Festival Karlstadt (GER)

– 27.05.2022 –
Open Maiberg Air Festival (GER)

– 06.05.2022 –
Immerhin Würzburg (GER) w/ Vvlva

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